D   E  A   D      R   A   B   B   I   T      R   E   S   U   R   R   E   C   T   I   O   N      S   O   C   I   E   T  Y 

Welcome, comrade.

 Your Dead Rabbit NFT is your pass to all our games and events.  
Here’s a calendar highlighting the utility we’re building for members of the DRRS clan.
Enter the underground world of the Dead Rabbits.

Hunt for the Rabbit Ronin

Some Dead Rabbit NFTs harbor a clue, in the form of an orange ear tag with a scannable QR code. When all ten clues are solved, together they comprise a treasure hunt. The winner of the hunt will discover a secret that allows them to claim the treasure: One ultra-rare Alien Rabbit God (Yamarashi Tesseract, the Rabbit Ronin!) + 5000 ADA. The hunt goes live the instant we mint.

The Dead Warrens

A rabbit-only room that will begin as a private Discord channel for rabbit holders, and will evolve into the Dead Warrens Lounge in a successful metaverse project if the initial drop sells out.

Day of the Rabbit Supreme

DOTRS is our approach to coin burning. During this event, holders of 2 or more Dead Rabbits will have a chance to improve the rarity of their rabbits by exchanging 2 Dead Rabbits for 1 Rabbit Supreme.  150 tickets for this event will be rewarded during the Dead Event, see below. The remaining 183 will be given away during rabbit clan games.

Once announced, the 333 ticket holders may send exactly two Dead Rabbits to a special address, during a set 24-hour period.  They will receive one Rabbit Supreme in return. Rabbits Supreme are a little different and have a much better chance to contain rare items. Only 333 Rabbits Supreme will ever be minted. All Dead Rabbits exchanged for Rabbits Supreme will be exiled, never to be spoken of again.

Wild Dead Nomikai!

If the initial drop sells out, we’ll host a riot in the Dead Warrens. Show off your Dead Rabbit NFTs! 50 exclusive, animated Dead Rabbit Bones (skeletal rabbits wearing accessories) will be airdropped to randomly selected Dead Rabbit holders who drop by to party with us.

The Dead Event

A premier worldwide IRL and online adventure for Dead Rabbit holders. A first in the NFT space.

Enter the underground world of the Dead Rabbits.

Under threat from Moles, the Dead Rabbits have scattered Node Keys for their mainframe all around the world.

To access their protected files, you must find them!

The Dead Event is composed of three levels, each with exclusive and successively greater prizes. Each level must be solved by the Dead Rabbit clan in order to progress to the next. The entire clan can play the entire event.

Level 1:  Node Keys--COMPLETE

50 Node Keys have been hidden in small black envelopes in cities around the world. When the Dead Event begins, GPS coordinates and a brief description will be released for the physical location of each Node Key.

Use your smart phone to find Node Keys! Just enter the GPS coordinates into your mapping app, and use the description to find the exact location. Node Keys may be adhered to a metal surface with magnets.

If you find a Node Key, congrats! Follow the instructions given with your Key to:

1)   Win a ticket to the Day of the Rabbit Supreme.
2)  Win the Key Finder role in our Discord.
3)  Unlock the Node for your city.

Unlocking all Nodes reveals secret pages on the Dead Rabbits website, deadrabbits.io, for the entire clan to see. These secret pages allow the clan to access advanced levels in the Dead Event.

Level 2: Dead Boxes

This level is now LIVE in the Dead Rabbits Discord.

Level 3: The Dead Hideout

This level has not yet been unlocked.